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We will have photos and details of new products on this page.  We have several on the drawing board and some being tested.

The Wind Proof Scope Stands



This stand was tested at the Quigley shoot in Montana 2007, 2008, 2009,  2010  2011, 2012, 2013 (2011  was rained out, but I did use it while I was there).  There were some very strong winds and the tripod was very stabile.  It did vibrate some in the hard gusts, but settled back to a solid image very quickly.  A center spike has been added that can be lowered into the ground for added vibration dampening (small model only). 

NOTE: There were VERY high winds (wind meter showed in excess of 55mph) at the Quigley shoot in 2012  and the stands worked very well.  I did not hear of any WP stands going over.  I had several comments on how well they were liked.

Feed back from users has been very positive.

Production models are approx 32" in the down position and 54" in the raised position.  I say approx because there is some variation due to the leg position.  Footprint (diameter circle the tripod will fit in) is 48".


These stands are very light but solid due to the oversized thin wall tubing used.

The stands are anodized aluminum with heavy plastic clamps.  they weighs about 10 lbs.  Legs and main tube are 1&5/8" aluminum thin wall and has rubber leg tips.  The scope mount has the usual tilt swivel motion with locking lever.  This is also an excellent camera/video tripod but a bit bulkier than the usual types, also much more stabile.

I don't think any spotting scope stand can do everything well and decided to make one for sitting/standing use.  Most stands on the market work well for low position self spotting, but do not have enough stability for a sitting or standing spotter.  Most of the camera type tripods on the market have built in shake due to the many telescoping parts and small tubing sizes.  There will always be a slight movement in the joints.

tripod a low.jpg (893509 bytes)  


perspective 2.jpg (1321875 bytes) Putting things in perspective.  The tripod on the right is a low cost home owner model, second from the right is a professional model (not low cost),  Third and fourth are windproof models.  Note the construction and footprint.  Also note the sliding tube in a tube leg construction of almost all homeowner and professional models.  These are points of movement.  When used in a standing position, most camera tripods have a rack and pinion center pole crank system, also a point of movement.

Note: the large tripod is no longer made.




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