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Hunt 2001 

01deerelk.JPG (28076 bytes) It was a good year!

Elk hunt 2003

hunt03-1.JPG (175406 bytes) This is what it looked like from my favorite spot this year.

hunt03-2.JPG (331629 bytes) Rifle choice this year was high wall 45-100 (45 - 2.6).

hunt03-3.JPG (222367 bytes) Looking East from my spot.

hunt03-4.JPG (219781 bytes) This is looking North towards the snake river and the city of Dayton, WA.

A sad note:  I just heard the land owner above me is clear cutting 20 acres of trees.  It is the area where most of my elk come in through.  Without cover, they will change their patterns and my hunting area will have less elk for quite a few years until the new trees and brush grow back in.  My area just shrunk considerably.

Deer 2003

hnut03-5.JPG (187178 bytes) This overlooks "The Hole" where I have deer hunted the last couple of years.  It is not a nice road when there's snow.  Note, there IS snow.  I have had chains on all four wheel of my Bronco to get back out (it does have positrack front and back too).  At the top, there is a several hundred foot fall if you get off the road on the wrong side.

hunt03-6.JPG (193834 bytes) At the bottom by mid day the snow was melted.  This was taken looking North from the bottom of a canyon (the river was behind me)  This is the same area where I hunted last year.

hunt03-7.JPG (57760 bytes) Wouldn't you know it!!!  I'm deer hunting and 50 elk are watching.  That is a big bull on the far left. The camera used was a Cannon sure shot I carry in my pack.  I was 2 miles from my truck here.  It was late and I was hoping I didn't see anything.

The "Q"  2003

q7.JPG (201491 bytes) CabineTree at the Q.

q3.JPG (210061 bytes) Q Firing line.

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